n 2004 Law Enforcement Software Solution created Traffic Stop Reporting for Missouri agencies who were mandated by the state, to track traffic stop information in effort to prevent racial profiling. TSR is a simple web application solution that provides the agency with required yearly reports with minutes. We also created Racial Profiling Reporting solution for Allen Texas Police Department to meet and exceed Texas state requirements. Law Enforcement Software Solutions create Police Daily Activity Log to meet other agencies needs who needed to track daily activity log but wanted to get away from paper activity logs.

We provide cost-effective easy to use technology solutions for law enforcement agencies so they can meet their department reporting requirements and needs.

Our Customers

  • Lawrence County, MO Sheriff's Department
  • Miller MO Police Department
  • Independence, MO Police Department
  • Pleasant Valley, MO Police Department
  • Tracy, MO Police Department
  • St Joseph, MO Police Department
  • Allen, TX Police Department
  • Longview, TX Police Department
  • Bourbon, MO Police Department

The Tracy Police Department has used the Traffic Stop Reporting program for several years. It is easy to use and makes preparing the report for the Attorney General's Office a breeze. I would highly recommend the program. And, should you have any problems or questions Tom is quick to fix the problem or answer any questions you might have.

Sgt. Beth Taulbee

We love this program! It is so easy to use, and has been an accurate accountability of our stats. We would recommend this program to anyone! The owner is professional and is willing to help the agency and to go the extra mile.

Independence Police Department Records Manager Joanna Whitt

I love your TSR program! It took me a matter of minutes to submit my racial profiling form. It used to take me 5-6 hours to hand tally all the traffic stop reports.

Lawrence County Sheriff Department Sheriff Brad Delay

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